Sage and Selenite Smudge Stick
Sage and Selenite Smudge Stick

Sage and Selenite Smudge Stick

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Cleanse your crystals and your space with this dried sage and selenite kit.

- Unclip the wire to remove the selenite from the sage bundle.

- Light one end of the sage bundle evenly over a heat-safe bowl and let it burn for a few seconds, before blowing out the flame to get the smoke going. Set an intention and carefully use the smoking smudge stick to wave the smoke in your space and over your crystals to cleanse.

- You can use the selenite for multiple purposes around the house; its a great sleeping tool and can calm restless sleep by placing in your bedroom. It can also be kept at the front door or other 'busy' spots in your home to keep clearing negative energies and keeping them at bay. You can also use it to cleanse your crystals by placing them on the selenite for 5 minutes to get rid of any nasty energies. 

This is a great bundle to cleanse, balance and detoxify your home. A great kit for anyone who has just moved into a new home or if you just feel your space and mind need a good old detox!

Your crystals will thank you too.

NOTE - Selenite does not like water.

* Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If you or someone else has a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make complimentary healing of a complete health care programme.