Clear Quartz Gold
Clear Quartz Gold
Clear Quartz Gold

Clear Quartz Gold

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An essential crystal for everyone everywhere.

- Known as the master healer in the crystal world.

- Brings strength and clarity to the mind. 

- It is an ultimate energiser and even amplifies the effects of other crystals.

- Clears stagnant energies and blockages.

- Aids in memory and concentration whilst filtering out distractions. 

- It's also a programmable crystal; simply hold your clear quartz and concentrate on your desired action or outcome and watch your dreams manifest as you wear your quartz.

- A firm Geminite favourite.

- This is a dainty piece of raw clear quartz, if you are looking for a larger piece then please see our chunkier version here.

Chakras: All

Please note that each crystal is a natural product and so it may vary in shape, size or slight colour from the photograph.

Gold plated chains are 18 inches in length.

* Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If you or someone else has a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make complimentary healing of a complete health care programme.