Rainbow Hematite Hoops
Rainbow Hematite Hoops
Rainbow Hematite Hoops
Rainbow Hematite Hoops

Rainbow Hematite Hoops

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Recharge and rebalance with Rainbow Hematite.

These Hematite cubes have been plated with a rainbow effect so they subtly change colour in different lights. They share the same properties as regular Hematite below.

- A very powerful mineral that will keep you rooted and grounded.

- Hematite helps to recharge and rebalance your inner energy and body's wiring.

- Encourages you to live in the present moment to stop getting stuck in the past and the future.

- Hematite also has a very strong, cool and calming effect in stressful situations. 

Chakra: Root

Size: 25 mm sterling silver hoops. 

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